The Beehive

The beehive arises in allusion to the community of bees, who with great wisdom do their work obtaining a product as part of a their collectivity 

This is a program Centro Uno offers to members of our community who are interested in coordinating workshops or participate as leaders in recreational or educational activities in our organization.

This program consists of a series of meetings where participants go through an energetic – emotional – living experience, in order to :

  1. Explore our roots, recognize our origin, our values ​​and culture of our ancestors to strengthen our identity.
  2. Recover our personal history, recognizing situations that have marked our emotional experience, and identify situations that require resolutions.
  3. Reflect on our present with their passions, needs and responsibilities. Giving voice to the message that we have been building from our roots 
  4. From that message, design a project to offer to other community members within the program of Community Action of Centro Uno

In Greek mythology, bees symbolize eloquence, speech and intelligence. They are a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. It is said that honey symbolizes “the last result of the inner work on himself,” “symbolizes the initiatory transformation, soul conversion and consummate integration of the person”