Our mission

Our mission is to give voice to every member of the community in a space dedicated to the promotion of health and community action

Our project is divided into four pillars to follow:


The goal is to accompany the Spanish-speaking people to improve their emotional life through clinical strategies designed for each patient.

We offer an assessment of the family as a whole when assisting minors referred to treatment by doctors, schools, judges or other social organizations.

We promote participation in workshops to strengthen the identity as immigrants and their families who are going through processes of assimilation into the new culture over the past decades.

The emphasis is on the early identification of symptoms associated with emotional distress, offering intensive and comprehensive treatment designed for each case.


Our website allows community members to enroll in activities, answer questionnaires , express a concern or send a particular application. We always ensure the privacy of our users. We offer workshops on the use of computers and the Internet domain as a tool to improve the inclusion of members of the network. The focus will be on adults and older adults who did not grow up in the digital era, or do not have access due to financial barriers . We are collecting and analyzing data describing better the community we are helping, including their needs and areas of vulnerability and their resources. We promote the creation of spaces for social communication such as radio, TV, Internet, to carry messages between Latino communities inside and outside USA


The center will offer special programs in accordance with the request of the members to promote education of parents about pregnancy and early childhood , child development , adolescence and the transition to college. We will develop programs to help :​

  • Parents of children with special needs, or teenagers going to college
  • Parents need to understand school rules because they do not speak English well enough
  • Parents who do not know how to navigate the school system , so do not use the resource that is available for their children to obtain better results.
  • Spanish classes for children of Latino mothers
  • Other classes according to the demand of the audience


We will promote cultural spaces such as music, film, dance, painting, theater, etc. for children, adolescents and adults of the Latino community to mobilize their energy from their roots to their creative actions here and now. Through art, we will promote recognition and acceptance of different ethnic groups among Spanish-speaking people, since the Latino culture is very heterogeneous.